Estuvo increíble lo que me pasó en Antara, sorprendio una Barbie caminando pero lo mejor fue cuando las 6 Barbies Fashionistas cobraron vida y empezaron a bailar. Todo se volvió muy fashion y muy rosa. Hasta las niñas se metieron a bailar con ellas  la canción de Barbie Girl, de hecho creo que el baile que hicieron se llama Do the Barbie. Esto nunca había pasado en México estuvo padrísimo!!


Do The Barbie to celebrate the launch of her new Barbie® Fashionistas™ dolls. The new dolls feature 12 points of movement and more than 100 plastic-fantastic poses so Barbie can bend her elbows, twist her wrists, move at the waist and roll her head. To show off these new movements, Barbie has teamed up with one of the music industrys hottest names to choreograph and produce a music video featuring a new dance appropriately called The Barbie set to a new, re-recorded version of the 90s hit song Barbie Girl. Barbie looked to famed choreographer JaQuel Knight, the talent behind Beyonces Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) dance craze, to choreograph the The Barbie, a series of doll-like moves and dance grooves.
It was really fun to work with Barbie and create a dance for her. Barbie is the biggest icon in life and I am so excited to have worked with her on her first music video, said choreographer, JaQuel Knight. I have had the privilege of working with celebs like Beyonce and Britney Spears, and I am thrilled to add another B to the roster!
The music video, shot in New York in July, stars three Barbie Fashionistas dolls Sassy, Cutie and Artsy and features a cameo from Hottie Ken®. In the video, the dolls break out of their toy boxes to come alive and dance The Barbie alongside real, life-size Barbie dancers. The Barbie dance is comprised of doll-like moves that can be performed to any song and ends with a signature Point, Twist, Snap.



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